Rick Allen says he’s hauled in ‘almost $400k in four weeks’

Allen says his campaign has exceeded the entire previous quarter over the last four weeks, but Barrow's fundraising advantage is still formidable in all probability.

Rick Allen and John Barrow composite

Though we don’t have an exact figure, Republican congressional hopeful Rick Allen has reportedly seen a significant boost to campaign coffers in his bid to unseat Democratic Rep. John Barrow.

On Friday, The Statesboro Herald reported that, at a campaign stop, Allen noted he’d “raised almost $400,000 in four weeks.”

In that same report, Allen cited The Washington Post’s Election Lab as proof he has the edge in the race; it most recently gave him a 57 percent chance of victory.

That said, Barrow has thus far held a considerable fundraising advantage, though it should be noted that Allen faced a crowded primary field that depleted his camp’s warchest in May. He entered the month of July with $225,567 on hand, a figure paling in comparison to Barrow’s $1,871,413 at the time.

That Allen says his campaign has raised almost $400,000 over a span of four week is even more notable for the fact that it outpaces the $323,591 figure reported for that same July filing period. It was supplemented by a loan of over $75,000 from Allen himself.

Barrow’s campaign latched onto the report as part of its online fundraising efforts.

An email missive dubbed it “our finance team’s worst nightmare” and urged supporters to donate and “help us put Rick Allen and Speaker Boehner to shame.”

Absent from that fundraising pitch was Allen’s surmising that Barrow’s currently outspending him by a 3 to 1 margin when it comes to TV advertising.

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