FreedomWorks brought for some tea party activists a little clarity Wednesday to the crowded primary for the Republican nomination in Georgia’s 12th, endorsing August real estate attorney and political neophyte Wright McLeod.

The DC-anchored outfit, steered by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and mutton chops aficionado Matt Kibbe, praised McLeod’s commitment to “fighting for constitutionally-limited government” in a press release today. Per the group:

FreedomWorks PAC Executive Director Max Pappas commented, “Wright McLeod is a solid fiscal conservative who is firmly committed to fighting for constitutionally-limited government. He has been willing to speak out about repealing ObamaCare and the need for a patient-centered healthcare plan.

He also has been willing to speak frankly about our current energy problems and to remove government-created roadblocks to more abundant and less expensive domestically produced fuels. We need more people like Wright who understand the Constitution, will be honest about the true state of the economy and work to rein in the spending.”

Democratic Rep. John Barrow bested his GOP rival, Ray McKinney, by 13 points in 2010 and reported last month his campaign coffers were already $1 million deep as he readies to again defend his seat. Of course, McLeod must first clear his primary hurdle, wherein he’ll square off in late July with fellow Republicans Rick Allen, Rep. Lee Anderson and Maria Sheffield.

McLeod is likewise sporting the endorsement of Gloria Norwood, widow of Rep. Charlie Norwood of Augusta.

– James Richardson