An influential conservative advocacy group on Wednesday gave two Georgia legislators solid marks in its rating of House Republican frosh.

A new scorecard by the Club for Growth found some tea party freshman had abandoned the values on which they campaigned, but Peach Staters Austin Scott (GA-8) and Rob Woodall (GA-7) were largely absolved. The pair were neck-and-neck, registering 85 and 84 in the new report, respectively.

“In the 2010 election, 87 freshman House Republicans came to Washington pledging fealty to the Tea Party movement and the ideals of limited government and economic freedom,” the report reads. “What we found was that while some freshman have lived up tot he promises they made to the tea party movement, dozens of them are big-spenders and are no different from many of the veteran Republicans they serve with.”

Top line:

  • Only Justin Amash (MI-3), Tim Huelskamp (KS-1), and Raul Labrador (ID-1) earned a perfect score.
  • Despite Ben Quayle (AZ-3) outperforming primary opponent David Schweikert (AZ-5) by a five-point margin, 98 to 93 percent, the Club has promised to throw its weight behind the latter in this member-on-member contest if GOP leadership intervenes on behalf of the former second kid.
  • Allen West, the Floridian firebrand who last month said he believed “about 78 to 81 members o the Democrat Party … are members of the Communist Party,” received only a paltry 64 percent.
  • The ten members now on notice for a likely primary challenge: David Rivera (FL-25), 47 percent; Michael Grimm (NY-13), 46 percent; Steve Stivers (OH-15), 45 percent; Jon Runyan (NJ-3), 45 percent; Chris Gibson (NY-20), 44 percent; Richard Hanna (NY-24), 44 percent; Michael Fitzpatrick (PA-8), 42 percent; David McKinley (WV-1), 37 percent.

– James Richardson