Newt Gingrich dove headlong into an embrace of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a gathering of Georgia Republicans this weekend.

“Your choice is simple this fall,” Gingrich told attendees Friday night at the state GOP convention in Columbus. “Do you want the most liberal, radical, big-spending, deficit-ridden, debt-increasing president in history, or do you want a businessman who balanced the budget in Massachusetts and will fight to balance the budget in Washington, D.C.?”

And while party conventions skew older (teenage and college GOP’ers often lack the resources), Gingrich also pressed his pitch with the youth, on whom he said the president’s reelection efforts will rely heavily.

“We need to say to young people, ‘The Obama plan is you get to live with your parents. The Romney plan is you get to move out,” he said to chuckles. “I am not sure that will get the vote of every young person, but it will get the vote of every parent in the country.”

The Ledger-Enquirer has more hometown coverage of the address.

Once-bitter rivals, the pair will appear together at Las Vegas fundraiser at the end of the month and again for June 11 event with Speaker John Beohner in Atlanta.

– James Richardson