Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich suspended his presidential campaign earlier this month owing nearly $5 million to campaign vendors and consultants, April campaign finance reports revealed Sunday.

The single-largest outstanding expense in the Gingrich ledger is a $1.03 million debt owed to Moby Dick Airways, a private airlines company. But his now-defunct campaign also owes more than a quarter million to Peach State vendors, including a nearly $200k bill to the law firm of newly-elected RNC national committeeman Randy Evans.

  • Centerpoint Direct, LLC (“Cable/Internet/Phone”) – $2,316.00
  • Chattahoochee Consulting, LLC (“Fundraising Consulting/Travel”) – $12,589.27
  • Hall Booth Smith & Slover (Strategic Consulting/Travel”) – $18,162.88
  • Law Group, Inc. (“Fundraising Consulting”) – $12,115.00
  • McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP (“Legal Fees”) – $190,863.04
  • Premiere Global Services (“Conference Call Service”) – $1,540.95
  • Herman Cain Solutions (“Strategic Consulting/Travel”) – $16,525.88

The Georgian has been holding fundraisers since he withdrew from the nomination contest to narrow the gap. He held two fundraisers in Columbus this weekend while boosting ex-rival and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the state GOP’s convention.

“I think that over the next couple years, we pay it off,” Gingrich said at one weekend fundraiser, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “But as a responsible person, you feel bad about it. You want to get it solved. And it wasn’t good management.”

“I was always prepared to come out about a million [dollars] in debt, but I wasn’t prepared to have it be this big.”

– James Richardson