Georgia Congressional hopeful Maria Sheffield on Monday endorsed an effort led by state Senator Josh McKoon to impose a $100 ceiling on gift exchanges between lobbyists and lawmakers.

Sheffield, locked in a four-way primary to challenge Democratic incumbent John Barrow this fall, broke the news in a lunch hour Facebook posting she would vote yes on a July 31 nonbonding ballot referendum on the gift cap:

I will vote yes for ethics reform July 31 on the GOP Primary ballot. I invite and encourage all conservatives to join me. I congratulate Senator Josh McKoon and my friends Julianne Thompson and Debbie Dooley of the TEA Party, Kay Godwin and Pat Tanner Tippett of Georgia Conservatives in Action, and Dan Becker and Nancy Stith of Georgia Right to Life for their leadership on this issue.

The congratulatory note that chased the news was a rebuke, if faint, of House Speaker David Ralston, who this weekend rankled tea party and pro-life activists when he said the ethics push was one orchestrated by “liberal special interest groups.”

Those activists mentioned responded by calling the Speaker “divisive … arrogant and pompous.”

– James Richardson