Last week, we briefly documented the happenings in the Republican primary battle for the right to challenge incumbent Democratic Congressman John Barrow in Georgia’s 12th district. Today comes the news that the NRCC is continuing to weigh in against Barrow by launching a new website, highlighting the Congressman’s ties to President Obama, that can be viewed by clicking here.

Elsewhere, the Savannah Morning News has a piece about the incumbent Congressman, the final white Democrat remaining in Congress from the South. The article points out that this election will largely come down to a battle of who can define John Barrow first, and in the most meaningful fashion. Is he the Obama rubberstamp, or one of the final moderates remaining in Congress, as he claims?

Barrow has been fundraising relentlessly; his cash on hand total sat at over a million dollars in his last fundraising report. Additionally, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put out an ad last week supporting him and it is likely that various other groups will follow suit, per their policy of supporting incumbents who vote with their legislation a certain percentage of the time. Barrow himself will likely begin voting in a more conservative fashion, par the course for an election year lurch to the center-right. Still though, the deck is stacked against him like never before, making this a fascinating campaign to watch.

– Brandon Howell