The Georgia Democratic Party received more in contributions from the Democratic National Committee and its associated victory funds than it raised in total from individual donors last month, new campaign finance reports show.

According to the group’s April report, which the party quietly filed Sunday amid concerns from rank and file that leadership could not raise the funds necessary to bankroll an aggressive voter contact campaign this fall, it had brought in little more than $50,000 in contributions from individuals.

But national Democrats had funneled their way just over $60,000.

The state party’s single-largest contribution came by way of the DNC’s Victory Fund, transferring $25,571.48 on April 13. An additional transfer by the State Party Victory Fund for more than $20,000 came the same day.

While the Democrats did manage to increase the party’s cash on hand during the reporting period, jumping from $57,409 to $76,856, records indicate it is indebted to the tune of $35,426 to vendors.

The group’s financial outlook could not be more different from its GOP counterpart, which reported stockpiling $751,985 at April’s close.

Party officials have also appointed a new interim treasurer, according to the filing. State Senator Lester Jackson of Savannah has been tapped to fill the void left last week when the party’s chief fundraiser abruptly resigned his post.

Read the report in full here.

– James Richardson