A rare coalition of progressive and conservative groups will on Wednesday press Georgia legislative candidates to sign a pledge boosting a proposed $100 ceiling for gifts to lawmakers from lobbyists.

Common Cause Georgia, the Georgia Tea Party Patriots and the similarly-profiled Georgia Conservatives in Action will hold a 10:45 press conference at the Capitol to unveil the pledge.

At the state Republican party convention last weekend in Columbus, the issue grew legs with some GOP’ers when the executive committee made its official position that unlimited legislator-lobbyist gift exchanges should be banned. The group likewise approved a nonbonding referendum for July 31 ballots that asks in more explicit terms whether the Legislature should pursue the $100 gift cap.

Expect Sen. Josh McKoon, who was the chief sponsor of legislation to cap gifts, to be among the first signatories.

UPDATE: A Capitol tipster sends word that already 14 candidates have signed the pledge. No word yet on whether any of those are incumbent legislators.

– James Richardson