Influential conservative commentator Erick Erickson said Thursday he would vote against the state’s July 31 transportation tax referendum.

Erickson–the editor-in-chief of conservative, a drive time radio talker for Atlanta’s WSB and an on-air contributor for CNN–previewed his nuanced opposition at Georgia politics blog Peach Pundit.

“First, you should understand that I do not oppose the T-SPLOST in principle,” Erickson writes in his weekly column for the Macon Telegraph, an early version of which he floated online today. “Second, you should know there are programs in the T-SPLOST I fully support and think would create jobs.”

Erickson’s reputation as a rock-ribbed conservative in activist quarters of the party led most to assume he opposed the measure outright. The tax, it seems, he could stomach; the bureaucracy that would implement it, however, he could not.

The ex-Macon city councilman said he could not ultimately assent to the referendum because the “Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is an unrepentant cesspool of greed.”

“If we approve the T-SPLOST, we are aggressing to subsidize greed, graft, corruption, waste, fraud and abuse within our transportation bureaucracy in perpetuity.”

The news pits him against fellow WSB personality Clark Howard, who earlier this week said investment in the state’s infrastructure was a business imperative.

“I started off being completely opposed to this,” Howard said at a WSB roundtable on the tax. “The more I’ve leaned about it, the more I think we need to do this.”

– James Richardson