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Balfour likes his ballgames

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Republican state Sen. Don Balfour was treated by lobbyists to more than 100 sporting events and concerts over the past six years, a weekend review of campaign financial disclosures by the Atlanta Journal Constitution found.

One hundred and twenty in total and worth $22,000 in the paper’s estimation, the events included the SEC championship, the NHL All-Star game and a Bon Jovi covert in Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center.

“I think some people go to dinners [with lobbyists],” Balfour explained to reporter James Salzer. “[A]nd I go to ballgames.”

That freebie stream has been jeopardized in recent months by a bipartisan campaign to adopt a gift cap for lawmakers and in recent days by Balfour himself: the Snellville senator endorsed last Friday a pledge to adopt the proposed the $100 ceiling after stonewalling it in the previous session.

- James Richardson

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