The Georgia Christian Coalition demanded on Wednesday that Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers resign his leadership post atop the Republican caucus for his decades-long sports handicapping that the group said facilitated gambling.

“I want him to step down because of his proximity or accessory to gambling activity in the past,” Coalition President Jerry Luquire told the Associated Press today.

The group–which rates curtailing gambling alongside the outlawing of abortion and gay marriage equally pressing legislative fronts–said the Woodstock lawmaker was too close to an industry that “preys upon our youth, the elderly, minorities and those with less education.” They are not, as of yet, pressing him to resign his seat or abandon reelection.

Said Rogers in a 2000 broadcast: “My friends, if you want to win and you want to win big, I’ve got information about all of my lineups for today.”

Rogers, now locked in a competitive primary with fellow GOP’er Brandon Beach, did not respond to the AP’s request for comment, but recently said what would-be gamblers did with his “win big” picks was of no consequence to him.

“It’s not my role to determine what people use the information for,” he told WSB-TV earlier this week. “I was simply there to read a script, what they did with the information had nothing to do with me.”

– James Richardson