The Georgia Association of Realtors have injected another $185,000 into the campaign to greenlight the state’s July 31 transportation tax referendum, boosting the group’s total contribution to more than $300,000.

The latest campaign reinforcements were sent to Citizens for Transportation Mobility, while an earlier check for $150,000 was awarded to the Georgia Transportation Alliance. Both are working in tandem to build support for the proposed 1% consumption tax designed to boost investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure.

“We feel strongly that the passage of this referendum is vital to the future of Georgia’s economy,” Bill Bartman, the group’s president, said in a release. “Without these essential additions and upgrades to our infrastructure, we stand to fall far behind other states in attracting new business and adding jobs. This will negatively affect our economic growth opportunities for years to come.”

While Georgia’s financial industry has shown signs of recovery, the real estate market remains soft and fears additional backsliding.

Atlanta registers among the top five major American cities in which property prices have fallen to post-Great Recession lows, while foreclosure activity statewide has jumped a full 22% between April of 2011 and last month.

– James Richardson