As the Tipsheet reported yesterday, vetting is in full-swing in the GA-12 Republican primary, a four-way battle royal with a shot at Congressman John Barrow in the fall. For Augusta lawyer Wright McLeod, the swelled intensity may serve to stifle much of the momentum he has been building.

In Monday’s Toombs County forum, McLeod admitted to voting in five Democratic primaries since 1998, and (when combined with his wife’s donations) over $10,000 in campaign contributions to a statewide Democratic candidate in 2010. Spokeswoman Holly Croft “attributed McLeod’s voting record to Democratic dominance of Richmond County”, but of greater curiousity was McLeod’s choice to vote in the Democratic presidential preference primary. At the forum, McLeod stated that he voted for former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a “lesser liberal”, as an attempt to stop President Obama from securing the nomination.

However, today Larry Peterson brings us the news that no votes were cast for Richardson in McLeod’s voting precinct. Peterson points out that “only candidates who drew any votes at McLeod’s precinct were Obama, who won the primary, then-U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Sen. John Edwards” and that Obama carried the precinct by a margin greater than 2 to 1. Meanwhile, the Republican primary that McLeod chose not vote in was “a tight three-way race won by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee”.

In turn, McLeod likely faces more questions, and his campaign has yet to comment on the new developments.

He faces Rick Allen, state Rep. Lee Anderson and Maria Sheffield in the July 31st primary.

-Brandon Howell