Travis Bowden, one of two primary challengers facing embattled state Senate Rules Committee Chairman Don Balfour, put out a press release yesterday evening calling for Balfour’s outright removal from his powerful leadership position.

In the press release, Bowden stated that “Senator Balfour has been Rules Committee Chairman for ten years, but he has never created the Subcommittee that will review legislative expenses…Since Senator Balfour has violated Georgia law, the Senate itself is out of order and our taxpayer dollars are being spent without any kind of oversight. We need to stop Don Balfour from writing himself a blank check with our money.”

This is not Bowden’s first rodeo when it comes to the incumbent state Senator. He primaried Balfour two years ago and was soundly defeated, though time will tell if accusations of misused taxpayer funds may lead to different results in July.

Senator Balfour still maintains the largest campaign warchest of any incumbent legislator in Georgia.

-Brandon Howell