The president of a tea party-aligned advocacy group has asked his group’s million-plus members to flood House telephone circuits over a looming vote on a highway appropriations bill.

FreedomWorks chief Matt Kibbe appealed to members on Thursday to immediately phone their House member and ask them to support a procedural motion offered by Georgia Rep. Paul Broun that would cap highway spending at $37.5 billion for the fiscal year.

“The current level of spending in the transportation bill is outrageously high,” Kibbe wrote in the email. “It is inexcusable that taxpayers have been forced to bailout the [Highway Trust Fund] multiple times since 2009. By making funding levels consistent with the amount of revenue being collected, this will prevent future taxpayer funded bailouts of the HTF.”

A vote on the measure is expected sometime today. It reads in full:

“Mr. Broun of Georgia moves that the managers on the part of the House at the conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the Senate amendment to the bill H.R. 4348 be instructed to insist on provisions that limit funding out of the Highway Trust Fund (including the Mass Transit Account) for Federal-aid highway and transit programs to amounts that do not exceed $37,500,000,000 for fiscal year 2013.”

– James Richardson