Georgia’s private sector has succumbed to an authoritarianism that grew legs from the Gold Dome, former Peach State Congressman Bobb Bar writes in an opinion piece for the conservative Daily Caller.

In a libertarian broadside against state lawmakers who adopted last year no-texting-while-driving legislation, Barr rapped Atlanta mixed-use development Atlantic Station for complicity in a nanny state scheme designed to limit individual freedom.

“Last week, they decided to ban smoking in all ‘public’ places in the large development, with the exception of a few bars and restaurants,” Barr wrote. “Though a private venture, Atlantic Station now joins the growing list of areas in metro Atlanta — including the cities of Alpharetta, Duluth and Norcross — that have banned smoking ‘in public,’ including open outdoor areas such as ballparks. Atlantic Station’s action no doubt will be watched closely and likely used by the city government as a basis on which to expand its own anti-smoking ordinance.”

The decision by property managers to put the kibosh on cigarette smoke, Barr said, would “complete the circle of control from government to the private sector and back again.

– James Richardson