In a not-so-veiled attempt to drive attention to the residency of his primary challenger, U.S. Rep. Paul Broun announced on Tuesday he would debate fellow Republican Stephen Simpson in an out-of-district forum in Macon.

Broun’s campaign said it had agreed to square off later this month with Simpson on “Close Up,” a Macon public affairs program broadcast by local CBS affiliate WMAZ. Host Randall Savage would moderate the debate, televised on noon on Saturday June 30 and rebroadcast at 6 AM the following day, between the two.

Though Simpson calls Macon home, it falls outside the boundaries of the district for which he is campaigning. Broun said he thought it appropriate to debate in the home towns of each contender, and asked that Simpson, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, accept an invitation to debate in districted Athens.

“Congressman Broun also believes that, since he lives in Oconee County, it is appropriate that one debate will be held in nearby Athens, and, that the other debate will be held in Macon (although outside the 10th District) because that is where Mr. Simpson lives,” a release from the Athens Republican’s campaign reads.

– James Richardson