Tipsheet editor James Richardson writes in a Tuesday oped for Fox News that twenty-something Georgia legislative hopefuls Trey Kelley and Michael Caldwell have launched a revolt against the old guard:

Competing alongside a candidate crop whose median age is more than twice their own, two Georgia legislative hopefuls are challenging a dogma more pervasive and pernicious than even the entrenchment of the monied political class: the feigned handicap of age, meticulously fashioned by rivals nearing their twilight of power and years. 

For Republican twenty-somethings Michael Caldwell and Trey Kelley, both among the youngest in nation to pursue state legislative seats, the calls to indulge the unyielding throne of incumbency grow louder by the day. …

Wait your turn: it’s the requisite call to acquiesce all young challengers are told. Most assent. These didn’t.

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