Americans for Tax Reform President, and longtime anti-tax hike advocate, Grover Norquist waded into Georgia GOP primary waters today with an endorsement of Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers.

The basis of his endorsement? Rogers’s opposition to the transportation sales tax measure being voted on come July 31st. Per a release from Americans for Tax Reform:

The so-called ‘transportation tax’ is a more than a 7 billion dollar tax hike.  Senator Rogers knows that the problem isn’t that Georgia politicians are not raising enough in taxes.  They have been spending on areas other than transportation for years. Punishing today’s taxpayers for the bad spending decisions of yesterday’s legislators has it backwards. I am proud to have worked with Chip Rogers to bring down Georgia’s tax burden and take on special interests in both parties. He is a great leader with a bright future in the Republican Party and conservative movement.

Rogers’s primary opposition, Brandon Beach, counts himself a backer of the tax measure on the basis of improved infrastructure.

Due to the language of the endorsement, it may be of greater significance than first blush. Rogers also has the backing of Governor Nathan Deal, who has put himself openly on the line as a supporter of the sales tax. Norquist has ridiculed him for it, as Deal was a signer of his “no tax increase” pledge while in Congress. According to the AJC, the Senate Majority Leader played a strong part in getting the measure placed on the ballot, and Rogers’s lack of support comes from “the content list subsequently drawn up by local leaders”.

-Brandon Howell