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Kingston only slightly more conservative than Barrow in new Club for Growth scorecard

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Republican Rep. Jack Kingston only narrowly edged Democrat Rep. John Barrow in a new scorecard by conservative Club for Growth in which House lawmakers are graded for their position on a series of recent spending amendments.

Grading legislative action on 25 appropriations measures, the group gave Kingston the lowest score of the state’s entire Republican delegation. Voting in the affirmative for only 8 of those spending cuts, Kingston notched a 32 of 100.

His closest scoring Republican colleague, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, earned a 72, while Barrow, the highest scoring Democrat in the state, received a 16.

Kingston’s ranking (177 of 241) has landed him in the least fiscally conservative quarter of the entire House GOP caucus, according to the group.

His lifetime ranking, however, is not quite so poor. At 82%, he still trails all fellow GOP’ers from the state but not so acutely: Reps. Rob Woodall and Austin Scott both outstripped the Savannah congressman by 2 and 3 points respectively.

- James Richardson

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