Native Georgian, and former Christian Coalition head, Ralph Reed continued his return to the national political dialogue this weekend with the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual strategy briefing, held in Washington D.C.

The strategy conference featured breakout sessions and speakers, including former presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney gave a streamed speech, followed by a brief question and answer session, from his campaign bus.

A long centerpiece of the evangelical wing of the Republican Party (and former Georgia GOP Chairman), Reed has set lofty goals for the Faith and Freedom Coalition, an organization which he founded in 2008. Buzzfeed’s Zeke Miller brings this quote:

“Number one, we’re going to build a database of 18.3 million social and fiscal conservative households in which reside 27.1 million voters,” Reed told members at the organization’s conference and strategy briefing. “We’re gonna contact each and every one of those voters 7-12 times by mail, by phone, by email, by text message, and in the case of 2 million of those households in the key battleground states, one of our volunteers — one of you probably — is gonna knock on their door and make sure they vote. And we are gonna make a specific push for early voting …Our goal is for 40 percent of those 27 million voters to cast their ballot before the polls open on Election Day.”

He has set further goals of having lobbyists in the every state capitols and up to 5 million members within the organization.

“We’re not just playing around. We’re not shadowboxing,” he said. “We are playing for keeps. We’re playing for the most valuable prize in the history of the human race and that’s the United States of America and we are not going to lose.”

-Brandon Howell