House Republicans are readying a major advertising blitz against Georgia Democratic Rep. John Barrow, reserving nearly $1 million in election season airtime.

The National Republican Congressional Committee made this week a series of ad buys across the country, but among its largest reservation was $900,000 in Savannah and Augusta–sizable enough to make its spots ubiquitous for two months in these relatively inexpensive markets–to topple the vulnerable Barrow.

Even with the contest for the Republican nod undecided, the NRCC has remained fixed on ousting Barrow in the wake of a redistricting scheme that saw his turf lean GOP heavy.

The Hill committee previously aired an ad attacking Barrow during the Masters in which the Blue Dog was yoked with President Barack Obama over health care, the stimulus and bank bailouts. But that ad registered at just $36,000, a mere fraction of what the group intends to spend this October and November.

The investments represent an important change in national Republicans’ disposition on Barrow, one of his GOP challengers said Tuesday.

“I am very pleased to see this level of professional commitment by the leadership of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives,” Maria Sheffield, one of four Republicans vying for her party’s nomination, said in a release. “For those who have been waiting to see if the GOP nominee will have serious support from the national GOP – well, here is the proof you need. Rep. John Barrow is the newest member on the endangered species list in Georgia and not even his liberal friends at the Obama Administration EPA can help him now.”

– James Richardson