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Conservative PAC: 6 of 8 GA Congressman ‘under-performing’ conservative expectations

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A new regression index of federal lawmakers has found a number of Republican Georgian pols betraying the partisan bent of their districts.

The Madison Project, a conservative political action committee and advocacy group, unveiled on Wednesday a new scaled rating system that amalgamates various legislative scorecards with the partisan voter index to calculate a conservative “performance index.”

This new composite–a “measure of how many points the member is over-performing or under-performing the ideological bent” of their constituents, per the group–has all but two of the state’s Republican House delegation failing local conservatives.

Reps. Tom Graves and Jack Kingston bookend the new scorecard, with the former “over-performing” by 8.5 points and the latter “under-performing” his south Georgia district by 15.5 points.

Memeber Cook PVI 2011 Average Legislative Score MPI
Jack Kingston R+16 74.5 -15.5
Rob Woodall R+16 80 -10.0
Tom Price R+19 81.5 -8.5
Lynn Westmoreland R+19 84.5 -5.5
Austin Scott R+10 83.0 -2.5
Phil Gingrey R+20 88.0 -2.0
Paul Broun R+15 95.5 +5.5
Tom Graves R+28 98.5 +8.5


- James Richardson

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