Even as the Georgia Democratic Party reorganized its fundraising operation with a new chief, its financial troubles stretched into May, the group’s latest financial disclosures revealed Friday.

Georgia Democrats managed to raise little more than $57,000 from individuals, campaign committees and political action committees, new filings show, while outlays totaled more than $130,000.

May finance reports show the group notched $139,931 in total donations for the month, but that figure was deceptively inflated by a huge injection of federal receipts and the inclusion of qualifying fees from the state’s slate of Democratic Congressional hopefuls.

Reps. John Barrow, John Lewis, David Scott, Hank Johnson and Sanford Bishop as well as challengers Lesli Messinger, Daniel Grant, Lincoln Nunnally, Joseph Cooley, Courtney Dillard, Michael Johnson, Robert Monitgel, Steve Reilly, and Nathan Russo all ponied up $5,220 for ballot qualifying fees that were included in the party’s total reported haul.

Those receipts alone accounted for nearly 40 percent of the entire month’s take. The party merely serves as a conduit through which those federal fees pass, banking just half that that qualifying note.

And with little momentum from May, the party entered the month of June carrying more than $20,000 of debt and just $86,000 in the bank.

Their Republican counterpart meanwhile more than doubled the troubled organization, posting a $309k month for May. It spent just $129,057 and entered June with nearly a million bankrolled for the fall’s contest.

– James Richardson