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42 director: Obama wants to visit Ga. film set

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Even as some Georgians are shelling out upwards of $10,000 to press the flesh with Barack Obama at an Atlanta reception on Tuesday, the president’s interest in the Peach State is far more glamorous than juiceless chicken and parboiled pasta.

Instead, White House staff has made quiet arrangements for a presidential sojourn to the film set of the new Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

“Well, of course I said it would be OK,” film exec Thomas Tull, whose own contributions to the reelect effort have exceeded $35,000, reportedly said when asked about a possible visit from the president.

And here the state’s Democratic donor base thought the president wanted to earnestly hear their advice for navigating the Supreme Court’s imminent health care ruling or the ways in which he might blunt Congressional action on a bungled Justice Department gun-running operation.

You can take the president out of Hollywood, but you can’t take Hollywood out of the president.

- James Richardson

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