In the wake of President Obama’s fundraising trip to Atlanta (much to chagrin of commuters in the area), Governor Nathan Deal has penned an oped dropping the gauntlet on the President’s signature healthcare legislation. From Real Clear Politics:

The fact of the matter is that Obamacare is not only a federal power grab but also an unfunded mandate that will cost the taxpayers of Georgia an additional $4.83 billion over the next 10 years. It takes decision-making away from consumers, away from doctors, and away from the state of Georgia and concentrates it in the hands of unelected federal bureaucrats. That’s just not the way our federal system is supposed to work. It’s not the American way. The American way puts power in the hands of individuals not of government…

We can’t sustain our current course. Mr. President, we’re glad to have you visit our state. I hope my fellow Georgians treat you with the dignity and respect that your office demands. But Georgians, if you don’t mind me borrowing a phrase, are ready for a change in direction in Washington.

Prior to his resignation from Congress in 2010, the Governor was the Ranking Republican on Energy and Commerce’s Health Subcommittee.

-Brandon Howell