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Mum’s the word: Ga. Democrats refuse to intervene in Lowery-Barrow feud

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The Georgia Democratic Party refused on Friday to denounce antagonistic comments the recently-elected chairman of its convention delegation made regarding U.S. Rep. John Barrow.

The Rev. Joseph Lowery, who was just last week unanimously elected chairman of the state party’s convention delegation, said Barrow had betrayed his party by green lighting a Republican-championed effort to charge U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder with contempt, the first instance in which federal lawmakers had imposed the sanction on a member of any presidential cabinet.

“You are a Republican hiding in Democrat’s clothing,” Lowery said of Barrow. “He doesn’t count in the Democratic column. He might as well go on and be a Republican.”

For the state’s most vulnerable incumbent pol, it was an unusually strong reprimand from a party-endorsed voice.

But when asked if Lowery’s comments would complicate his role as delegation chief to this year’s nominating convention, for which Barrow is a super delegate under the national party’s bylaws, a DPG spokesman told Tipsheet on Friday the party had no comment on the feud.

Locked between the man recognized as the dean of the civil rights movement and the deep south’s lone white Congressional Democrat, Georgia Democrats are remaining awkwardly mum.

- James Richardson


  1. This is not a comment on the worthiness of charging Holder with contempt. If Democrats ever want to be viable in Georgia and across the South again, they had better follow the more conservative model of Barrow rather than the more liberal direction Lowery would want them to go. Making one of the most liberal Dems in the country as Speaker suddenly woke people up to the importance of not electing a Dem in your home district. There was a reason anti-Pelosi signs were all over the Jim Marshall race.

    Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) did more to kill the Democrat Party across the South than anything Republicans could’ve ever done. Bring the Democrats back towards the center and maybe they’d have a chance.

    • I don’t begrudge the Congressman decision or even his blue dog voting record. This was purely and simply a boneheaded play, There is a liberal voting bloc in Georgia…but it is actually very small, There is an African American Voting bloc which is both Large ad monolitically Democratic.The Congressman has never been a friend to Georgia Progressives but he ill afford to cut off the president’s coattails.. If he honestly thinks that this will be water under the bridge in a few weeks or that this will win him support or finances with Georgia Dems he is sadly mistaken.. Bonehead play.

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