Coming on the too big to not be news heels of the Supreme Court’s “ObamaCare” ruling, and a first-ever vote to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt, the House of Representatives capped off a historic week with an overwhelming vote to maintain current interest rates on student loans, among other things.

The bill, which included infrastructure measures, passed the House with an overwhelming 373-52 margin, and cleared the Senate 74-19.

Notably, Georgia Republicans came near an even split on the matter. Just 2 of Georgia’s 6 Republican Congressmen voted “yea”, with those members being Tom Price and Jack Kingston. Westmoreland, Scott, Gingrey, Graves, Woodall and Broun all veered to the right, joining 46 other Republicans in voting against the omnibus package. Meanwhile, in the Senate, both Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson cast ballots with the majority.

The vote comes in the wake of speculation that Congressman Westmoreland may potentially seek to lead the NRCC in 2013, as well as a push for Graves to chair the RSC (Republican Study Committee), not to mention mild VP speculation. Scott is President of the freshman class and, meanwhile, Price may have a looming opportunity to move to the fourth-ranking spot overall, Republican Conference chair.

-Brandon Howell