Opponents of Georgia’s transportation tax referendum are poised to pursue a legal challenge against the state’s top elections supervisor for an allegedly biased ballot preamble.

Attorneys for the Transportation Leadership Coalition filed on Monday an open records request with Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to determine if the ballot language was born of muted electioneering.

The preamble as written: “Provides for local transportation projects to create jobs and reduce traffic congestion with citizen oversight.”

TLC attorney Pitts Carr said in a Monday letter that Kemp’s previous explanations–in which the secretary of state defended the language as direct a consequence of the years-old legislation that provided for the referendum–were deficient and was filing a Freedom of Information Act request for more clarity.

Those documents requested include: all correspondence by Kemp regarding the crafting of the preamble; all correspondence to Kemp regarding the crafting of the preamble; and all documentation addressing the legal authority for crafting the language.

– James Richardson