Even as the name Carter has become analogous with failure, the only Georgian ever to win the White House has vaulted ahead of Barack Obama in a new opinion index of the nation’s worst presidents.

A new Newsweek-Daily Beast survey revealed likely voters consider Jimmy Carter a better chief executive than Obama by a five-point spread.

The poll quizzed respondents on the two best and two worst presidents in American history. The net results found Carter, who lost his 1980 reelection bid by nearly a dime, had leapfrogged President Obama by two places in this measure.

It’s a comparison Republicans have made for years now–it’s a preemptive one I helped stoke at the RNC when Sen. John McCain was opposite the man–but only recently has public opinion resembled the narrative.

Apparently it’s finally stuck.

5. George H.W. Bush, -9 points (4 percent place in top-2, 13 percent place in bottom-2)
4. Jimmy Carter, -20 points (5 percent place in top-2, 25 percent place in bottom-2)
3. Richard Nixon, -24 points (2 percent place in top-2, 26 percent place in bottom-2)
2. Barack Obama, -25 points (11 percent place in top-2, 36 percent place in bottom-2)
1. George W. Bush, -39 points (4 percent place in top-2, 43 percent place in bottom-2)

– James Richardson