Former Georgia Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain debuted on Wednesday a new internet television channel designed to blend political news and entertainment programming.

The result: “Intertainment.”

“If you read and listen to the news or watch the talking heads on TV, you simply have to come to the conclusion that politicians and their friends in the press must think the rest of us are stupid,” the new website of CainTV says. “Mr. Herman Cain is here to point out the craziness and lengths these folks will go to.”

Slated programming for Cain’s new venture includes documentaries (on the U.S.-Mexico border), comedies, family-friendly animation and man-on-the-street civics tutoring.

His campaign for the White House now over, Cain’s dance card has rapidly filled up once more. Just last month he was named as the replacement for Atlanta conservative radio talker Neal Boortz.

– James Richardson