The direct mail of a county government hopeful in west Georgia ran afoul of history this week when it claimed the candidate would break a glass ceiling should she win.

Democratic Chatham County Commission candidate Alexis Alexander thought she would be the first woman to ever serve as commissioner of Chatham’s 5th district after her search of Google yielded no results. Opposite two men in Georgia’s looming July 31 primary, the claim even made its way into the candidate’s most recent mailer.

Only it’s not true. Alexander was caught flubbing her facts at a candidate forum earlier this week, when rival Yusuf Shabazz publicly corrected her.

Alexander’s bid was predated by the ten-year service of Deanie Frazier, whose time on the commission began in 1985. Frazier, another Democrat, resigned in disgrace amid crack cocaine possession and money laundering charges. She later served four months in federal prison.

The candidate defended the error by saying it was not an effort to deceive voters, merely hasty Googling to win a reduced rate at the printer. “It wasn’t intentional,” she later said. “It was a misunderstanding.”

It’s a safe assumption, though, that Alexander isn’t alone in trying to forget Frazier. It’s nonetheless a deeply embarrassing experience

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– James Richardson