A Douglas County Democratic pol was charged this week by local police with first degree forgery after duping a pair of municipal employees in a bid to win reduced child support payments.

Freddie Leonard Ashmon, Jr., a one-time county commissioner vying for the same gig in the state’s July primary, deceived late last month two county employees into tweaking a pay stub to show an earnings reduction of $10,000.

The altered receipt was later floated to a family court judge by Ashmon’s attorney to secure diminished financial support of his 16-year-old daughter, Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller said.

Ashmon has become something of a familiar fixture in county jail.

He was previously pinched on simple battery for allegedly hitting a resident at a town hall meeting in 2009 and faced earlier charges of batter-family violence in a 2004 arrest.

But Ashmon says this arrest–the one for which he forged documents to skirt child support–was one born of political retaliation.

“It’s election time,” a freshly-bonded Ashmon told reporters outside the Douglas County jail. “I’m the only one that voted against the jail. It’s all politics.”

UPDATE: Let’s play “Guess That Party!” Associated Press fails to report on Ashmon’s arrest even as he accuses local police of exacting political revenge.

– James Richardson