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Douglas Democratic pol pinched on forgery, skirting child support

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A Douglas County Democratic pol was charged this week by local police with first degree forgery after duping a pair of municipal employees in a bid to win reduced child support payments.

Freddie Leonard Ashmon, Jr., a one-time county commissioner vying for the same gig in the state’s July primary, deceived late last month two county employees into tweaking a pay stub to show an earnings reduction of $10,000.

The altered receipt was later floated to a family court judge by Ashmon’s attorney to secure diminished financial support of his 16-year-old daughter, Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller said.

Ashmon has become something of a familiar fixture in county jail.

He was previously pinched on simple battery for allegedly hitting a resident at a town hall meeting in 2009 and faced earlier charges of batter-family violence in a 2004 arrest.

But Ashmon says this arrest–the one for which he forged documents to skirt child support–was one born of political retaliation.

“It’s election time,” a freshly-bonded Ashmon told reporters outside the Douglas County jail. “I’m the only one that voted against the jail. It’s all politics.”

UPDATE: Let’s play “Guess That Party!” Associated Press fails to report on Ashmon’s arrest even as he accuses local police of exacting political revenge.

- James Richardson


  1. Dantes

    Classic, isn’t he? Blame others. Typical liberal democrat.

  2. liz953

    I believe both parties need to clean house, from congress down to state and local folks…but it does seem the really unseemly and immoral stuff emanates more from the left…and since they keep getting re-elected their excuses are either (1) believed, or (2) dismissed as unimportant or irrelevant. Just look at former Mayor -”the bitch set me
    up” – Marion Barry….he’s still a major force in D.C in Ward 8. What a joke.

    • richard40

      The repubs are cleaning house of corruption. That is one of the primary goals of the Tea Party, not just to defeat dems, but to defeat corrupt Bush era repubs, at all levels of gov. Unfortunately the dems have no Tea Party equivalent to clean out their corruption, especially when their entire leadership Obama/Pelosi/Reid reeks of corruption, and the party continues to follow those corrupt leaders down to defeat.

  3. aclumember

    Its racist to arrest a democrat politician for forging child support documentation to the court.
    Furthermore its part of the Republican War of Women to stand in the way of a democrat attempting to swindle his daughter out of her child support.
    The arrest is orchestrated by the Koch Brothers. And besides, it all Bush’s fault.

  4. jmatt55

    It’s sad, but black people will elect absolutely anyone; the only criteria is the skin color. There is no other way to explain Detroit, DC and Charles Rangel.

    • richard40

      Not quite true. Blacks will elect any black DEM, no matter how corrupt they are. That is one of the primary problems with the black community, they are a one party constituency, and anytime anyplace is ruled solely by only one party, corruption is bound to run rampant. Fortunately the repub party does not have any constituencies that vote solely for one party, and the resulting competition helps them in avoiding corruption, since the really bad ones can occasionally be defeated by dems. Black communities will never make any progress in eliminating corruption until they become a 2 party constituency, so they have a real chance to throw a rascall out.

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