In the midst of a flurry of endorsements in the GOP primary for Georgia’s 9th congressional district, confusion appears to have erupted.

Yesterday, state Representative Doug Collins and Gainesville radio host Martha Zoller traded a volley of press releases touting separate endorsements: Collins earned the backing the NRA while Zoller laid stake to the backing of the American Conservatives Union.

Simultaneously, the Americans Conservative Union issued its first ever report cards for members of the Georgia General Assembly, covering their votes in the past legislative session. Curiously, Collins earned a 100% rating from the group, spent time with leaders in the organization yesterday and was awarded the ‘Defender of Freedom Award’.

With hacks and flacks alike noticing what appeared to be duel messages from the ACU, confusion was allegedly cleared with the assertion that Zoller had, in fact, been endorsed by the American Conservatives Union PAC and not the branch that gave Collins a 100% rating. It’s true that the PAC does not coordinate with the field team and will endorse candidates in contested races.

However, it was further stated that the ACU PAC had “expressly endorsed Zoller and is paying for robocalls on her behalf”.

But the Tipsheet was given a statement moments ago from Laura Rigas, National Communications Director of the ACU, refuting the claim:

“To be clear, the American Conservative Union does not endorse candidates. Our ACU PAC, however, does endorse candidates but has no plans to endorse a primary candidate in the race for the Republican seat for the 9th Congressional District of Georgia.”

Per an email from Doug Collins’s campaign, Rigas further stated:

“No such endorsement [for Zoller] was made. All of our endorsements this far have been announced (via a press release) and are on our website.

-Brandon Howell