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Chambliss raps Holder over ‘SWAT-ting’

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U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss strongtly criticized the Department of Justice on Wednesday for its “notably silent” response to a string of anonymous pranks wherein authorities have been dispatched guns ablaze to the homes of conservative commentators after bogus shooting claims.

Aides to the Peach State pol circulated a letter he sent earlier in the day to the nation’s top law man, Eric Holder, bearing an unusually firm hed: “Chambliss slams attorney general for insufficient response to SWAT-ting.”

The missive didn’t disappoint.

In the month since Chambliss first petitioned Holder to launch a federal probe into the practice, which stung Georgia conservative radio talker and blogger Erick Erickson earlier this year, the senator said he had received only a “cursory, boilerplate response” from Justice Department officials.

“I remain extremely concerned about the danger SWAT-ting presents, and am worried about its use as a tool for silencing political speech,” Chambliss wrote Wednesday. “You and your department should be equally worried about these attempts at intimidation.”

In an accompanying statement, Chambliss implicitly linked Holder’s weak response to his stonewalling a Congressional investigation into a bungled federal gun running operation, for which he was recently found in contempt by the House of Representatives.

“Instead of addressing the dangerous trend of SWAT-ting, Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department have chosen to continue their unresponsiveness to congressional inquiries,” he said.

His letter in full:

UPDATE: Ali Akbar, a Georgia political operative who sits atop the National Bloggers Club, emailed Tipsheet a statement cheerleading the sustained pressure on DOJ from Chambliss and other GOP lawmakers.

“We’ve enjoyed working with elected officials on this issue. Senator Chambliss, Representatives Sandy Adams of Florida and Kenny Marchant of Texas are going to get to the bottom of this SWATting issue, because it’s a free speech issue.”

- James Richardson

  • movingonmoore

    Stop calling this a prank. It is not. Being that it can be deadly, I questions not the author’s intellect but his humanity, courage and integrity. Call it what it is: Hate. And a crime.

  • TomJB

    Absolutely movingonmoore! It is *NOT* a prank. Just as pulling a gun on armed cops is considered “suicide by cop” SWATting should be considered “attempted murder by cop” and in the event the unsuspecting innocent person tries to defend himself from a home invasion, could be “murder by cop”

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  • Archaeopteryx

    “Attack” or “Assault” – the proper words to use when describing a SWATing attack.

  • Jack

    SWATing is not a prank. It is attempted murder by cop.

  • cbinflux

    Arguably, Holder’s DOJ is the most racist and politically biased entity in the nation. And Obama supports him 100%.
    BTW, “guns ablaze” is a bit of a stretch. Guns drawn is more accurate.

    • mockmook

      Yep, guns ablaze comes next

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  • Shawn Gillogly

    So aiming a loaded gun and taking away someone like a criminal is ‘harmless fun’? I mean, that’s MY definition of a ‘prank.’ This isn’t done for laughs. This is being done to get someone killed by a cop.

  • PFPorlock

    If Mr. Chambliss wants a response he should introduce legislation removing legal immunity from SWAT teams. The federal ‘hook’ for doing so with state SWAT teams is that they are substantially federally funded.

  • teapartydoc

    The DOJ and the liberal press will be guilty of murder if one of these ever ends up with the result that the callers are obviously looking for. This crime is a conspiracy to kill, and needs to be investigated to the fullest.

  • hoosier1234

    The name “Holder” seems appropriate, for he continues to “hold on” to his job no matter how racist- or liberal-centered he and his decisions are.

    If no one else can do anything to be rid of him, it’s time for American voters to make him obsolete.

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