Newt Gingrich lent his voice this week to a new robocall in which the former House Speaker endorses one of the state’s two incumbent Republican public utilities regulators.

Gingrich, largely recoiled from public view after his loss to Mitt Romney in the presidential contest, endorsed Stan Wise on Monday as a “steady hand” opposite a California green energy beatnik.

“Hello, this is Newt Gingrich. I’m still humbled to have won Georgia on Super Tuesday, and today I’m asking you to vote for my good friend Stan Wise, who’s seeking another term on the Georgia Public Service Commission,” Gingrich says in the tape, according to the Wise’s campaign. “His steady hand at the PSC has helped build a reliably energy system without shifting costs to future generations.”

He pivoted with a not-so-subtle swipe at the now-shuttered green energy outfit that tanked after earning huge loan guarantees from the federal government.

“The last thing we need in Georgia are the failed, liberal California energy programs of his opponent that lead to blackouts, Solyndra, and skyrocketing rates. Please vote for Stan Wise in the Republican primary.”

Wise is squaring off with PSC retread Pam Davidson, a green energy consultant who endorsed a Democrat Jim Powell for the statewide post in 2008 after first losing in the Republican primary.

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– James Richardson