A tea party-aligned political action committee will offer north Georgia congressional hopeful Martha Zoller a boost in the final days of the primary contest, running robocalls and radio ads that tease the conservative radio talker’s endorsement from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

A robopoll funded by Western Representation PAC, steered by a trio of west coast activists, will launch tonight and feature a robopoll of sorts, prompting listeners to press a button on their phone to indicate support for Zoller.

Palin, who a Zoller aide said today Tipsheet today would be “helping in a variety of ways to ensure victory,” is not featured herself in the call. A transcription of the call:

This is Bryan, and I’m calling from Western Representation PAC with exciting news about next Tuesday’s Congressional race. Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed the true conservative running for Congress. That’s right, Sarah Palin has endorsed Martha Zoller, right here in Georgia! Martha is a true patriot who understands what has made this country great: limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility.

I’m asking you to vote for the real conservative for Congress – Martha Zoller. If we can count on your support for Martha please press 1 now. Please visit JoinMartha.com for more information. This call was paid for by Western Representation PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

– Dome Confidential