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GA House Democrats: anyone but McKillip

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Hell hath no fury like a spurned legislative caucus.

Georgia House Democrats have begun openly encouraging north Georgia Democrats still-smarting from the two-years-old political defection of Rep. Doug McKillip to “do the unthinkable:” vote in next week’s Republican primary.

A new mailer funded by the caucus advises Democrats to storm the GOP contest to bounce McKillip from contention by casting a ballot for any of the Athens Republican’s rivals.

“We need every good Democrat to do the unthinkable,” the mailer’s reverse reads. “We need you to pick up a Republican ballot this Tuesday, July 31st, and vote Doug McKillip OUT of office. … Vote for anyone but Doug McKillip.”

But McKillip has but one rival in next week’s primary, GOPer Regina Quick.

And because state elections law only provides for the counting of write in votes only when an official notice has been filed with the secretary of state’s office by a write in candidate, Quick would be the sole beneficiary of such a crossover.

- James Richardson

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  1. Jay

    Just a point of clarification: write ins are not allowed in primary elections.

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