Georgia Governor Nathan DealTAMPA – Governor Nathan Deal said Tuesday he was concerned about the emotional and physical well-being of the state’s former Republican House speaker who announced this week he would return to frontline politics.

Glenn Richardson, who resigned his speakership three years ago in disgrace amid an unsavory sex scandal that culminated in an attempt at suicide, said Monday he would pursue a recently-vacated state Senate seat.

But Deal, in a nuanced appeal that the GOPer forgo his still-in utero bid, said he was worried that Richardson was too “fragile” to shoulder the burdens–and temptations–of service under the Gold Dome.

”First of all, it was not my decision to make. That’s certainly something that every candidate has to decide on their own,” Deal said in an interview in at the Republican convention in Florida. “I expressed my concern to him about his health, whether he was still fragile, and my concern about the impact on his family.”

– James Richardson