Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has requested that a Department of Justice lawsuit, one that could very well threaten the continued existence of runoff elections, against the Peach State be dismissed.

The suit, which “claimed the state’s schedule for runoff elections violates federal law on military and overseas absentee ballots”, alleges that active duty and overseas voters do not possess a sufficient amount of time to participate in a runoff election. Kemp’s request for dismissal comes on the heels of a federal judge’s previous order that the state extend the amount of available time for absentee ballot collection for such voters in question.

As such, the judge’s order serves as the basis for Georgia’s response requesting dismissal: the issues have already been addressed and, with the odds of a November runoff appearing slim, “the issue will not arise then”.

The lawsuit was initially filed in late June of this year, just over a month in advance of the July 31st primary. At the time, Secretary Kemp dismissed the it as a “politically motivated stunt during an election year”.

-Brandon Howell