Former Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson

Former House Speaker Glenn Richardson has officially hopped in the state Senate race to replace Bill Hamrick, who has accepted a judicial appointment from Governor Nathan Deal.

It was widely expected that Richardson would take the plunge back into public life but yesterday marked an official announcement, along with an interview from the 52-year old pol.

It remains to be seen whether Richardson can make a clean start with voters. Richardson said in an interview that he discussed whether to run for office again with his mother, children and siblings.

“The consensus was that if I felt I was strong enough to withstand the level of criticism then I had something to give,” he said. “No one ever challenged me on my decisions on policy. I made some poor choices in my personal life.”

As of now, the only opposition he will currently face in the November 6th special primary is current state Rep. Bill Hembree, who is resigning his spot in the House to pursue the vacant Senate seat.

-Brandon Howell