As the contest for Georgia’s twelfth district enters the final stretch, the local television markets are bowing under the pressure of outsized advertisement spending by third party groups.

Four new outside ads have gone on air in as many days. Here, a review of each:

Americans for Tax Reform, the conservative anti-tax lobby with which U.S. Rep. John Barrow’s campaign fiercely tangled earlier this month, unveiled an alliteration-heavy television advertisement this week that raps the incumbent for the bailouts of the banking and automotive industries.

The 30-second spot, entitled “B,” dovetails with the recent political saturation of Sesame Street and Big Bird. “B. B is for Barrow. B is for bailout. B is for bill,” a narration, complete with children’s block letters, says. “John Barrow voted to bailout big auto makers and gave the taxpayers the $14 billion bill. Barrow voted to bailout big mortgage buyers and gave taxpayers a bill for billions. But ‘B’ is also for bye.”

The group’s latest independent expenditure disclosures show it put north of $130,000 to air the ad and dropped an equal amount for voter contact.

The House Majority PAC, a monied Democratic super PAC, assails Republican Lee Anderson in a new television advertisement as a radical whose austere budgeting would dismantle wholesale the nation’s education system.

“Everyone in America knows the path to freedom and opportunity is education,” the ad opens as footage of doe-eyed school children flash across screen. “Everyone, except Lee Anderson. Anderson said he would, quote, ‘cut the education department completely out’ ending tens of billions in dollars in education funding.” The ad’s kicker is especially rough: “Lee Anderson: when it comes to opportunity for America, he couldn’t care less.”

The ad will run for one week in the Savannah and Augusta markets on a $138,000* buy.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, whose spending in the race has eclipsed the competing investments of all other outside actors, unveiled on Sunday a series of television and radio advertisements in which Barrow’s political proximity to President Barack Obama is put front and center.

85 percent, expect to hear it on a loop until November 6. That’s the percent that Barrow’s votes conformed with the president’s agenda in 2009. The metric factors prominently in all three spots, which a NRCC spokeswoman told Tipsheet was running on roughly $200,000.

“Obama backed Barrow. And Barrow backed Obama, 85 percent of the time,” a female narrator says in one before transitioning to a Medicaid attack. The second is even more severe: “It’s no surprise Barrow backed Obama’s tax-and-spend agenda since he voted with Obama 85 percent of the time. John Barrow – he’s not independent, he’s a tax-raising rubberstamp for Barack Obama.”

The NRCC’s radio offering is identical to the latter television ad, though the narrator’s gender was swapped.

*An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the scope of the House Majority PAC’s buy.

– James Richardson