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Lowery: all whites are going to hell

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Rev. Joseph LoweryThe man who delivered the benediction at President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration said that he believes, as he once did in his “militant” youth, that all whites are hell-bound.

The Rev. Joseph Lowery, a patriarch of the civil rights movement and close ally of the president, said at a weekend rally in central Georgia that the “level and hatred and bitterness” borne of this election had made him a believer that whites were going to hell.

Lowery said, according to the Monroe County Reporter, it was the same belief he held at the height of the civil rights movement. Eventually he mellowed, believing that not all whites, rather only “most,” would get their brimstone comeuppance.

“Now,” the local newsweekly reported, “he is back to where he was.”

He also said he could not imagine any African American not voting for the president’s reelection.

“I don’t know what kind of ni**er wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” the frail 91-year-old said, according to the paper. “Nobody intelligent would risk this country with Romney.”

Lowery was one of Obama’s earliest supporters in Georgia in 2008 and has remained comfortably in the president’s orbit since his ascension to the White House four years ago.

He was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 2009 by Obama and was elected earlier this year to lead the state’s delegation to the Democratic national convention.

Still, he’s managed to cause an outsized degree of heartburn locally. Just last week Lowery said at a Democratic rally that President Obama would necessarily win reelection if he “was white.”

UPDATE: Lowery says his comments were a joke, misconstrued by an overly-ambitious reporter.

- James Richardson


  1. mbecker908

    What an ignorant jackass. If Obama “was white”, he wouldn’t have gotten elected in the first place and had he, he’d now be down to about 35% of the vote.

    Can’t wait for the press to ask Barack about this.

    • Keep waiting, you know it won’t happen.

      • mbecker908

        You’re right, they’re too busy grilling him about why the operators in Benghazi were denied support.

        Oh, wait…

    • tofubamboo

      Of course, Obama is half white, so what does that “reverend” say to the white half of Obama? Is it going to hell? We need to know!!!

  2. It’s a shame these people feel the way they do. There is no scriptural justification for saying what he does. There are several scriptural referrals that say such statements should never be said by someone who pretends to be a messenger of God (“Judge not, lest ye be judged” comes to mind.). Jesus never said a WORD about skin color, and there were Nubians (Sudanese) in Israel long before Jesus. God will judge each of us individually, according to our behavior in the life we live. Reverend Lowery and I each will be judged, not by the color of our skin, but of the content of our heart.

  3. How does this Rev. Joseph Lowery square his hatred of America with Obamas hatred of America? Are they both from the same source? I don’t think so given BHO’s upbringing/education/pampering by the MM buffoons.

  4. (For the record, I think they’re both jack-asses.)

  5. This guy, and Jeremiah Wright, the “spiritual advisors” of our current pretender in chief. Says an awful lot about Obama, don’t it?

  6. CleanFun

    You know not the God of Abraham, if you believe He determines the quality of an individual by their race; And you show disregard for His law when you misrepresent Him by using His name to suit your own vanity and selfish purpose.

    Know this, that more white American’s laid down their life in a successful effort to abolish slavery, subsequently liberating you and your wicked tongue, than in all other wars we have participated in combined.

    There is no justice among men that can adequately return the balance you hope to upset by your perfidious allegations. Your betrayal of our goodwill, your complete disregard for the example we have set, your unwillingness to participate productively in our society, your inability to see beyond the color of a man’s skin, and the hate for your fellow man that you cultivate deep within your heart, can and will only be restored by The Judgement; And may you not be in the front of that line, but rather have ample time to witness one soul after another be torn asunder and tossed into that abyss for crimes, which by your own reckoning, pale in comparison to those you have perpetuated with the industry of your life.

    I sincerely forgive you.

  7. “I don’t know what kind a a nigger wouldn’t vote with a black man running.”

    I don’t know why a black man gets away with using the “n” word so freely while a white man would be be castigated for using the “n” word.

    And this man claims to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! “You shall know them by their fruits”…and Lowery’s “fruit” looks…pretty ROTTEN!

  8. Hopeful

    Here we go again using the “N” word. Stop it already! We all don’t care what color the person is that we need to bring us out of this hole we are in. The president had his chance and was not successful. Change is needed.

    • Its not his color, its his lack of caring for the 25 million people out of work,the 48 million on food stamps,All of the lyes that come out of Obamas mouth,The betrayal to the 4 Great Americans he watched Die over a 7 hour fire fight The lies he said about a very Kind and Caring man (Romney)thats been giving to people in need for 20 years and never said a word about it,Because he believes in people and God Above.Thats what this is all about ,America being great again not a welfare State under the dictator ship of Obama The only ones bring up race in this is Obama and his staff members

  9. pocketmouse

    As always it CAN’T be a lack of ability to be the president, it has to be some other reason. When you look at the world and all you see is skin color, and ways to divide people, the problem isn’t with the world, it s with YOU.

  10. pocketmouse

    So here is a comment directly to you Mr. Pretend Reverend. 4 years ago, the country elected a “b!ack” man as president. Either the ENTIRE country turned racist in those 4 years, or the “b!ack” man proved he was incompetent. What do you think Mr. pretend reverend? What is the truth?

  11. So a the Reverend won’t accept that Obama can achieve a one term presidency on his own like two white men: Carter and Bush, Sr. How very racist of him.

  12. dscgator

    Isn’t Obama half white????????

    • JohnAGJ

      Well if he were Catholic I’d say that must mean he would go to Purgatory, but since he’s not perhaps the Lowery’s image of the Almighty will pull a Solomon on Obama by sending half of his soul to spend eternity strumming harps on fluffy clouds, with the other half sampling several varieties of brimstone cocktails.

    • Buckeye Exile

      That probably means he will only get stuck in Purgatory.

    • littlebluetweet

      Good point…and what a jackass the prez is for never standing up for all of us by allowing this phony reverend to spew his garbage in front of the nation. What a spineless waste of a human being that he ,(Obama) did nothing to shut that ahole up! Those phony’s are a dime a dozen but for the president of the US to allow white folks to be denigrated unopposed like that just shows how terrible people have become and have no care at all for America!

  13. patti elliott

    Is that not the pot calling the kettle black? He is the one stoking the flames of racism constantly.

  14. ♪♫Jesus loves the little children
    All the children of the world
    Something, something
    Forgot the words here
    Jesus loves the little children of the world….♪♫

  15. GardenGnomeLF

    Hyphenated Americans are the racists in this country.

  16. Dustoff

    Another RACIST comes out of the closet. Notice, it’s always the dem’s, just as they were back in the 1950.

  17. Oh, so he can use the “N” word but we cannot. Go figure.
    Just saying.

  18. If BO had put all his true cards on the table, he would not be in the office he holds today. Watch OB’s America 2016 then come back and tell me how you feel about his and his fathers dreams and ideals.

  19. Michael Limberg

    Once we die, we’re all the same color… I’m certain the Lord does not see color in His eyes… Why should His children?

  20. dominoe4

    Where do 1/32 Cherokees go when they die?

  21. LOL the conservative media…why not post the video? He said it as a joke, he also said some black people and white people will go to hell. Conservatives need to get over this race things they use to get emotional white votes. It’s disgusting.

    • littlebluetweet

      Ok, so it’s alright what he said because it was all a joke??Hitler told denigrating jokes about the Jews before he had them humiliated and slaughtered. There’s a reason for how black people came to be. Read the bible to find out and you will find your comments supportive of exactly what black folks have been stressed over for thousands of years.

  22. Clover1111

    Lowery will be joining me there whenever we both get there.

  23. silver fox

    this is from a man who is already in hell……black bigots just cannot get over the fact that they are black…..i got over it years ago.

  24. Rev. Joseph Lowery, by these comments, has made a farce of the hard work of the Civil Rights movement and all that people of all colors have worked hard to achieve in the command God gives us. . . to love one another. Hatred towards anyone, including whitey, is hate. God doesn’t see whether the victim of hate is black, white or purple. . . He loves all His children. Rev. Lowery is no reverend of God.

    • littlebluetweet

      If black folks don’t stand up and vigorously condemn that guys statements I’m going to have to puke!!

  25. Jack_Kennedy

    affirmative action at work……………….quota president brings out the hatemongers like lowery

  26. provasek

    Of course, Romney’s church preaches that sinful people were cursed with dark skin by God so that Mormons would know to avoid them. As late as the 1970s the Mormons were placing dark skinned kids in white Mormon foster homes, and claiming their skin color was becoming “white and delightsome.”

  27. cindilafontaine

    The man is 91 years old, I am sure God, in his mercy, will forgive him, just as he will forgive 94 year old Billy Graham for changing his mind after 75 years and accepting a cult that clearly does not worship the same God as Christians. (Elohim was once a man of “flesh and bones” and he had Sex with Mary.)

  28. linnicy

    These ppl are so racist. They are pushing pple away by their hate rhetoric. we want a United States, don’t they?

    • littlebluetweet

      You’re right, they don’t want this country and what it stands for. It’s quite chilling. They will never come right out and say it. If we are truly at a crossroad in our nation’s history,this is most certainly the time.God will help those who help themselves and God will forgive those who take responsibility for their soul and ask for forgiveness. If this guy goes to his grave filled with hatred and bitterness for his fellow man, well then just as Jesus said “”you will die ( eternally) in your sins””

      • littlebluetweet

        Very well said and stated with the “truth”…” If this guy goes to his grave filled with hatred and bitterness for his fellow man, well then just as Jesus said “”you will die ( eternally) in your sins”” That also means that we should not bother to pray for the killer because we are all sinners and we like Adam are all children of God.

  29. S.

    This man as well as Rev. Wright are people that Obama likes to associate with, I am certain he shares their feelings.

  30. That’s the whitest-looking black man I’ve seen since…Barack Obama and Rev. Wright. Perhaps he’ll join me in the toasty place.

  31. New1

    This old guy is really sad.

  32. New1

    Romney will win by 5 to 10 points,and get 300 electoral college votes votes!

  33. Now everything in bulldogs comes out peachy :-)

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