House Republicans are outspending their cross-party counterparts by a three-to-one margin on television advertising in the final week of the race for Georgia’s twelfth congressional district.

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee put a quarter-million dollars behind its latest advertisement in which Rep. John Barrow is assailed for holding allegiance to the president before the interests of the state.

The ad, identical in sentiment to an earlier NRCC offering, closes by saying Barrow’s “loyalty to Barack Obama is hurting Georgia.” (The previous loyalty-questioning ad said that Barrow’s political allegiances were hurting “America.”)

Meanwhile, new independent expenditure disclosures show the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee invested just north of $72,000 to air its final ad attacking Barrow’s GOP challenger, Lee Anderson, as a Medicare-spiking radical.

The ad opens by chiding unnamed persons for treating Medicare like a “political football or campaign buzzword,” quickly noting that Anderson supports redesigning the system into a premium support, or voucher, model.

“For about a million Georgia seniors, it’s the medical care they need. But Lee Anderson supports a plan to end traditional Medicare, making seniors negotiate with insurance companies and pay thousands more every year,” the ad’s narrator says. It closes as a cartoon football bounces across the screen: “Maybe it’s just politics to Lee Anderson, but for the rest of us, ending Medicare hits too close to home.”

As of the latest totals, the NRCC has spent $1.7 million on the contest while the DCCC has dropped only $500,000.

– James Richardson