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Ryan endorses Price in leadership race

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Paul RyanRep. Paul Ryan, the former Republican vice presidential hopeful, is asking his House GOP colleagues in a letter circulating Tuesday to support Georgia Rep. Tom Price as their next conference chairman.

Ryan, whose celebrity in the caucus was cemented even before joining the Republican presidential ticket earlier this year, said Price was an “instrumental” force in determining the majority’s posture on the budget, health care and tax reform.

“I have had the privilege of working with Congressman Price on a myriad of different issues over the years, and I know he is uniquely qualified for the job of Conference Chairman,” Ryan says in the Dear Colleague letter obtained by Tipsheet. “He was instrumental in drafting our House Republican budget. His vocal leadership on issues like health care, tax reform, and fiscal matters has been vital to our messaging and policy efforts.”

The endorsement puts Ryan at odds with House Republican leadership, which has been quietly whipping support for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for the number-four spot.

The election of McMorris Rodgers would put the only woman in senior leadership, though some of the conference’s most conservative members, including the two previous chairman, have bristled at her ascension at the expense of conservative Price.

Ryan will also personally lobby Price’s case when House Republicans gather Wednesday in Washington.

His letter is posted in full below.

Dear Colleague –
Having crisscrossed the country over the last several months, I have seen firsthand the challenges we as a nation face. I have also seen the incredible spirit of the American people who are hungry for real leadership and ready to do what is necessary to put America back on a more prosperous path.
In the House of Representatives, we have an obligation and a real opportunity to produce and promote a positive and principled agenda for the American people. Over the past two years, we have offered bold solutions to our fiscal and economic challenges. We must not let up, but rather continue to focus our energy on doing what is necessary to empower individuals, families, and entrepreneurs.
Key to ensuring the success of our efforts will be having proven leaders at the helm of our policy and communication strategies. That is why I am asking you to join me in supporting Congressman Tom Price to be our next Chairman of the House Republican Conference.
I have had the privilege of working with Congressman Price on a myriad of different issues over the years, and I know he is uniquely qualified for the job of Conference Chairman. He was instrumental in drafting our House Republican budget. His vocal leadership on issues like health care, tax reform, and fiscal matters has been vital to our messaging and policy efforts.
No one will work harder than Congressman Price at building a strong and compelling communications and policy strategy that reflects the will of our membership and the needs of the nation.
Paul Ryan
Chairman, House Committee on the Budget


  1. chhrriis

    An open letter to John Boehner.

    Congressman John Boehner :

    Romney and Ryan won the election,
    except for the lying, deceit, and voter fraud of the Obama administration.

    This election was stolen from America by a corrupt
    administration (with the help of the main stream media), as you know all to
    well! The evidence is overwhelming to anyone who is paying

    If Obama told the truth about Bain Capitol, The Auto Bailouts,
    The Real Osama Bin Laden story, The Real Benghazi story, The Real way he thinks about drilling for Petro fuels, The Real Fast and
    Furious story, What his real goals are, it would have been a landslide for
    Romney. Even with all the lies, the vote was about 50/50.

    Also over the last 4 years he has been giving freebie to as
    many persons as possible, 15 million more food stamp recipients, 25% increase in
    disability claims, $300 Billion more in welfare (now over a Trillion a year,
    that’s $60K per recipient!!), 5 Billion worth of free cell phones, 99 weeks of
    unemployment checks for free, and he did it all with our money-mine and yours
    (some of it with your help!!) , so he could stay in power and ruin the American
    Spirit—I am the American Spirit and I’m depressed!!!.

    To fix this “problem” of paying for all those freebies, Obama
    says he needs more money from the rich (America’s job makers, America’s worker
    bee’s-nobody ever got a job from a poor man). They now pay the majority of taxes

    Obama wants to raise taxes, I say OK, let raise taxes on the
    50% who don’t pay taxes. I know you took a pledge not to raise taxes, but
    consider this. Everyone should pay a minimum tax of 10%. If you have no skin in
    the game, you don’t pay attention to how our treasure is being spent. I say
    instead of taxing the “America’s worker bee’s”, tax the freeloaders.

    When we have a Sandy or Katrina, have the welfare people go
    clean up the mess (a lot of which was caused by them). There’s over a 120
    Million people taking but not giving-who do you think there going to vote
    for—the giver (Obama).

    History is going to show that Obama did more to destroy this
    country than all the wars we’ve been thru. You asked for leadership from him
    (are you kidding?). We the American people that “won” the election, ask
    leadership from you. Your our firewall from Hell (the Obama Administration).
    Please start doing the right things for this country. Don’t fund Obama Care,
    shine light on Benghazi and Fast and Furious, reduce government dependence of
    it’s citizens, and make sure every American has some skin in the

    The majority of Americans are praying for your success, NOT

    Make your legacy one you will be proud of.

    A Concerned American Citizen

    PS-My advise to you is to assume everything Obama (and his
    administration) says to you is a lie.

  2. Don’t give up RYAN!!

  3. Ron Smith sr

    I think its time for new leadership in the party. Cong.. John Boehner is starting to to fade to the LEFT and I think Cong. Price would make a good replacement. Boehner didn;t do much to help Romney in the election. He is just another good old boy.

  4. You can’t win an election by advocating major changes in SS and Medicare. There are too many ways it can be used against you, which the Democrats did. They also bought votes through welfare programs, unions deals, amenesty for illegals, and last, but not least, they voted rest home patients who would not have voted. They even voted by absentee ballots those who could not even speak, or understand what was going on.
    The Republican Party should have brought charges against them for lying, stealing, and buying votes, but they did not and will not. Why? Because they have no…….intestinal fortitude. They will continue to lose until they get a real macho leader who will not put up with the Democrats cooked tactics. Until then, get use to the shackles and chains. Slavery is here to stay and the blacks are eager to vote for it, because they have a slave like mentallity, and can’t get use to thinking for themselves.

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