Rep. Phil GingreyU.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey said Thursday he had resigned to the unlikelihood of a full repeal of the president’s health care reforms, even as he said his party remained committed to the tedious work of dismantling it piecemeal.

“It would be pointless, in my opinion, to have a vote on repeal of PPACA, but we know enough egregious aspects of the law that can and should be repealed, and very likely–well, somewhat likely, I should say–in a bipartisan effort,” Gingrey said yesterday.

House Republicans have voted to repeal the law more than 30 times, each measure failing when it reached the upper chamber. But those bleak dynamics have apparently sunk in.

Gingrey, a doctor from Marietta, said his GOP colleagues would only force another ceremonial vote for “messaging” purposes.

“I don’t think we will have a vote on full repeal unless really it’s a messaging vote,” he told reporters. “I think we should concentrate on our efforts to try to repeal the most egregious parts.”

– James Richardson