President Barack Obama mind control graphicGeorgia Senate Republicans found themselves on Monday the punchline for late night jokester David Letterman, who ribbed the bunch for a recent closed-door caucus briefing in which the president was accused of orchestrating a mind control plot to push the country into socialism.

“If you’ve been alive, for any length of time at all, you begin to realize a lot of people are different than you are … and then a lot of people are just flat-out nuts,” Letterman said Monday night on the “Late Show” to laughs. “What I’m talking about is, there are some people in Georgia who believe that President Barack Obama is using mind control, mind control, to get his way. And by God, things really do seem to go his way, don’t they?”

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, whose post atop the caucus was ceded in last week’s intraparty elections, convened a four-hour meeting in October to brief GOP lawmakers on a plot by the United Nations to curb Americans’ freedoms.

The briefing has risen to national prominence thanks in large measure to the work of the local progressive advocacy outfit Better Georgia, a band of tech-savvy resistance fighters tilting at the state’s most powerful Republicans.

One of the group’s political bushfighter’s managed to record nearly an hour of the seminar before he was escorted from the meeting. (See it here.) It has since circulated the footage to the farthest corners of the liberal media ecosystem, sewing the seeds for GOP mockery.

There was no mention in the footage of the non-contributing 47 percent. Instead, the way in which the president and a conglomerate of progressives were employing a Cold War-era mind control technique to “transform America from the land of the free to the land of the collective.”

Footage of the Letterman monologue, courtesy of Better Georgia:

– James Richardson