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Erickson considering challenge to Chambliss

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RedState editor Erick EricksonPopular conservative blogger and radio personality Erick Erickson said Tuesday he was considering a primary challenge to Sen. Saxby Chambliss after a host of political bigs had approached him about staging a bid of his own in the days since the incumbent broke with a vaulted no-taxes pledge.

“For a week now, I’ve been getting calls to see if I would challenge Saxby Chambliss, once he really got into the whole ‘raising taxes issue,’” Erickson said in the opening segment of his radio show Tuesday. “Well, the pace quickened. I got a lot of people pledging a lot of money in the last couple of days if I did something like this. And I’ve been very adamant, I wasn’t going to do it, but after a few conversations today with a few heavy hitters in Washington, D.C. and some here in Georgia, I should at least consider it.”

Erickson, a CNN political contributor and editor-in-chief of conservative haunt RedState, added he was “very flattered” and was in “prayerful consideration” about waging a possible challenge to the two-term Chambliss.

Erickson was a one-term city councilman in Macon, Georgia, but resigned when his work–a radio show, television gig and editorship of highly-trafficked blog–became too great to shoulder in tandem with his public service.

Like other possible Chambliss challengers, Erickson has not run for statewide office. But he maintains a diverse network of monied, influential conservatives in the Beltway and throughout the state thanks largely to the celebrity he’s developed over the last six years.

[Full Disclosure: I was previously a contributor to RedState, the site for which Erickson serves as editor-in-chief.]

- James Richardson


  1. He’d get my vote.

    • McGehee

      I’d certainly consider voting for him — though I can think of one or two others that, if they ran, might have a prior claim on my support.

  2. CPAguy

    Erickson is an echo chamber buffon.

    He lost me at “Rick Perry.”

    • redwolf6911

      I heavily supported Rick Perry. He is one of the best and strongest Republican Governors.

      • BaconHotline

        Jebus, I can easily say I’d rather be living in Rick Perry’s Texas than Obama’s Amerikka.

        • CPAguy

          Texas does have then nations best economy, however the state is bankrupt.

          They balanced the budget by pushing a pension obligation back a day.

          Texas cities are much younger than those elsewhere (such as o the east coast) so the costs of governments hasn’t had as much opportunity to rise. However, that has changed under Perry, the state government’s obligations continue to balloon and are ultimately unsustainable.

          • eztalk

            Gotta a link for that? or, just wishful thinking?

          • CPAguy

            You can just check out the State of Texas’ financials on its website…or Google a few articles from last year’s state government meetings.

    • eztalk

      Erickson only supported Perry initially. Guess you just don’t keep up that much with the news?

      So sad that you can’t see beyond your nose about Perry. Texas has done great under his leadership. The rest of the nation, probably even your own state, should do so well.

    • richard40

      I mostly agreed with Perry on policy grounds, I just didn’t think he was a very coherant candidate, and was leary of running another Texan after Bush.

  3. Statist with an agenda. He lost me at”Charter Schools.”

  4. Joe the Farmer

    Good for Erick Erickson. Obama is playing the GOP with “the tax rich”, but if we can lose a few RINOs and pick up the Senate, I won’t complain.

  5. redwolf6911

    Go for it!

  6. jharp

    Please run Erick. Please.

    I will be praying for you to run.

    No more “goat fucking child molesters” serving on the SCOTUS might be a catchy slogan.

  7. Jeff Peterman

    I’m disappointed in Chambliss. He’s out next vote.

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