State Representative Rusty Kidd, freshly re-elected as the sole Independent in either chamber of the Georgia Legislature, has issued what may well be the ultimate disclaimer on joining either major political party.

“There is only one thing that could cause me to change party and that would be if the Republican leaders and the governor were to sign in blood that Baldwin and Putnam counties would get 5000 new jobs in 2013-2014. This will not happen so Independent I am and Independent I will stay,” writes Kidd in an op-ed published by The Eatonton Messenger.

As it will now stand, House Republicans will hold a commanding majority of 119-60 over their Democratic counterparts, with Kidd as the lone outlier. Had he decided to align with the GOP, then they would have been given a super majority.

Media speculation briefly ran rampant that Kidd was being courted for entry into Republican ranks, but the state Rep. himself denied any such overtures in the same opinion piece.

“At the time I write this, I have received not one telephone call from any Republican in the Georgia Legislature. Not one congratulating me for winning and not one asking me to switch parties. They know me, and they know I am the only true Independent elected to the Georgia House,” he wrote.

-Brandon Howell